Up Lighting

Up Lighting will wow your guests by transforming your venue into something extraordinary. It creates an elegant ambiance for your event with the beautiful columns of light. Utilizing Up Lighting allows you to craft a cohesive over all feel of your wedding colors and venue. This type of lighting is the most frequently used as it adds character to any venue and is guaranteed to impress all attendees.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is used to enhance your event by adding that extra “pizazz” to other elements at your wedding, such as bridal cake, floral arranges, centerpieces, and any other piece that needs to be highlighted. This advance elevated lighting shines minute light rays from the ceiling which will grace your decorations with utmost beauty.

Intelligent Lighting
Let’s Party

After the formalities it’s Party Time!!! Intelligent lighting creates the perfect party ambiance, with laser effects illuminating the dance floor. This will add to the excitement of your guest as the lights dance along with your guest not missing a single beat. Light shows are customized for every client.

Monogram Projections
Show the world your initials

Have your initials or logo mounted on the walls of your reception or displayed in the center of the dance floor with your color of choice. What better way to profess to your guest the union and bond that has been formed with your life partner? How is a monogram made? A monogram is a made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphics to form one symbol. This is the perfect way to customize your wedding! We assure you that you will be given the best monogram lighting experience.

Dance Floor
When the music hits you!

Your first dance as newlyweds should be memorable, so why not have it take place on a great dance floor. Additionally, have friends and family dance all night on your choice of 16×16, 12×12, 16×20 and 20×20 black and white or oak dance floor.

Smoke Machine
Let’s make it memorable

Your first dance with low lying fog is definitely going to be a sight to behold by your guest. Not only is it will it be memorable but it will also add to the romantic atmosphere of that special dance

String Lights
Whimsical Look

String Lighting romanticizes your reception with its whimsical feel. In the night these lights can be hung overhead, along the dance floors, guest tables, for an outdoor wedding it can be hung from trees completing your vision for a perfect event.

Projector and Screens
Share your Journey

Showing your guest a picture presentation with your special moments, allows them to share in your experience and proves to be a great conversation starter at receptions.   Our standard package includes a 2000 Lumen DLP projector and an 8-foot Tripod screen. Which gives a your presentation a superior quality which will be visible to all your guest.